May 2017

Our work on colon cancer modeling was featured in MIT News and The Scientist

February 2017

Postdoc Naniye Cetinbas received a KI Ludwig postdoctoral fellowship.

January 2017

Our work was featured in the Broad Institute blog "Organoids bring a new dimension to tissue research and engineering."


November 2016

Postdoc Chia-Wei Cheng received the prestigious Helen Hay Whitney postdoctoral fellowship.

October 2016

Our work was featured on the NIH director's blog.


August 2016

Postdoc Miyeko Mana received the the prestigious American Cancer Society (ACS) postdoctoral fellowship.

July 2016

Omer presented at the CellPress Webinar entitled "Organoids and beyond - 3D tissue in a dish." Omer and other leaders who are using organoid technologies discussed the "implications for organoids in basic biology, regenerative and personalized medicine while also addressing challenges for the field in accurately recapitulating in vivo complexity as well as crosstalk with other components of the microenvironment."

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June 2016

Omer was named a 2016 Pew-Stewart Scholar. The Pew-Stewart Scholars Program is a national initiative designed to support innovate early career scientists whose research will accelerate discovery and advance progress to a cure for cancer.


April 2016

Omer was named a 2016 Sidney Kimmel Scholar, an award granted to the nation's most promising young cancer researchers.


March 2016

Our article "High-fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors," is published in Nature

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February 2016

Omer was a featured speaker for Gen News' "Current Trends in 3D and Organoid Cell Culture for Cancer Research."

Wednesday February 10, 2016 at 12pm ET

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January 2016

Congratulations to Postdoctoral fellow Chia-Wei Cheng for being named a 2016 Ludwig Scholar.

July 2015

Omer was awarded a 2015 AFAR Research Grant for Junior Faculty.

October 2014

Omer was awarded a 2014 V Scholar Grant from the Jimmy V foundation.

September 2014

The Yilmaz Lab is kicking into full gear and is fully operational. We are all excited to start conducting experiments in a new lab and expect to have a full lab very soon!

The empty lab in February
The empty lab in February

The lab in April, ready for experimentation
The lab in September, ready for experimentation